Canadian Protein's Loyalty Program

Every time you buy something on our website you will earn points that can be transformed into vouchers.

Do I have to be a registered customer in order to earn points?

Yes. You must register an account at checkout or be a registered customer AND be logged into your account in order for rewards points to be added to your account.

NOTE: If you choose not to register an account during checkout or do not log into your existing account before you check out, reward points for your order will not be added to your account and cannot be added to your account after placing the order.

How Many Points Do I Earn?

For every dollar spent you earn 10 points.

What Can I Redeem With My Points?

Once you earn a minimum of 10000 points, you can transform your rewards into vouchers that can be used to purchase anything we sell here at Canadian Protein.

How much are points worth in vouchers?

10000 points = $10 voucher

How Can I Access My Points?

Your points are accessible inside your account in the 'MY REWARDS ACCOUNT' area. To turn your points into vouchers, once you have reached the minimum amount of points, a yellow button will automatically appear asking you if you'd like to transform your rewards into a voucher. Click the button. A voucher will now be available in your 'MY VOUCHERS' area inside your account.

Are Reward Points Transferable?

No. Reward Points are non-transferable.