Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt
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Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt

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What are neoprene weight lifting belts?

Neoprene weight lifting belts are designed to be utilized by virtually anybody who happens to be lifting weights and practicing some form of resistance training. Made from neoprene, which is material designed to withstand weathering, heat, and oil, these weight lifting belts are thick and durable belts designed to support the abdominal muscles, as well as your core stabilizer muscles and your back. They are durable and can often be accessorized with chains to attach weights to in order to perform exercises such as dips or pull-ups with added resistance.

How are they used?

Not surprisingly, neoprene weight lifting belts are designed to be worn around the waist just like, well, belts. We’re not going to explain how to put the belt on as that’s just common sense, but what we are going to do is talk about how they work. When you wear a belt, you provide your abdominal muscles with a rigid wall in which to push against. This results in enhanced anterior pressure for the spine, which in turn assists with stabilization. Your torso will now be a great deal stiffer, allowing you to generate more power to the bar, and helping to keep you stable when performing compound exercises and lifts.

What are the benefits of using neoprene weight lifting belts?

Here are some key benefits associated with wearing weight lifting belts.

Lift heavier weights

As mentioned, by wearing a neoprene weight lifting belt you help to keep your torso stiff and rigid, which in turn means that you can generate more force from other parts of the body, I.E the hips, and transfer it to the bar. In particular, belts can assist with barbell bench press exercises.

Reduced risk of injury

Belts also help to keep your core stable and your back straight. This helps to keep your form strict, which in itself will help reduce the risk of injury. On top of that, as your core stabilizer muscles are supported, your risk of a hernia or ripped abdominal muscles also reduces a great deal.

Better form

Lifting with good form will not only protect you against injury, it will also help you to get more from the exercise you’re performing. With good form you work the muscles you are supposed to be working, which is obviously very beneficial.


Neoprene is a synthetic polymer which is similar to some forms of rubber. It is very durable and hard-wearing and is weather proof and is resistant to sweat and natural oils from the body. With a little TLC, a quality neoprene weight lifting belt will last you a lifetime.

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Great value!
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Jason C. on 30/08/2018
Solid product for the price i paid with the promo.


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