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Great products, great value.
Great products, great value. Taste, quality and delivery is all very good. Awesome that they provide a lab report for your product.
James K.
20/04/2018 Manitoba
Amazing service and really fast shipping. Thanks Kristy! The products are even better! So nice to be able to try samples before you buy large containers. Can’t wait to order!
Chrisma D.
20/04/2018 Langley, BC
It’s awesome to support such a great company/ community that comes out of the same province. Life long customer for sure!
Zachary P.
20/04/2018 london
Top notch service
Great service all the time. Even received the wrong product once and they caught it right away and got ahold of me even before I knew I received the wrong product and had the correct one on the way, all at no cost to me. Excellent customer service!!!!
Mike A.
20/04/2018 Terrace BC
Stephan G.
20/04/2018 Good
Customer service is very responsive
Tony P.
20/04/2018 TORONTO
Best Value Anywhere!
Canadian Protein has the best value for money you can find anywhere in Canada. Don't bother with retail outlets or Amazon. I have consistently found the best value right here.
Brandon W.
19/04/2018 Toronto, Canada
My new protein spot
I love this shop. The deals are great, and the shipping is also really good. I plan to get most or all of my protein from here instead of where I normally get it. My only recommendation is to have an easy to find rating system for the flavors. I had to go through a whole bunch of youtube reviews to get an idea of what the flavors taste like, and I think it would be better to just see what the general consensus on this site is for each flavor. I can then pick the flavor by rating, or by reading the descriptions of how they taste.
George C.
19/04/2018 Toronto
Doris Maras
Tasty ( not too sweet) clean protein...yummy!
I have two sons... one is an IFBB pro and the other is a personal trainer ... and they both approve !!!!!
Doris M.
19/04/2018 Pitt meadows . B.C.
No complaints!
Definitely can't complain about this company. They've done exactly what I expected so far, and produced a great tasting product. Prices are great, shipping is quick, they update orders very quickly to make sure I know what's going on. Definitely seem like they know what they're doing.
Katie R.
19/04/2018 Ontario
Keep up the great work. Love this website, has info about all your products.
Mohamad N.
19/04/2018 Toronto
Kevin S.
Always fast, affordable and high-quality
Jeff V.
19/04/2018 Toronto
Got me to me fast
Evan L.
19/04/2018 Osoyoos
Overall quite good
This site is overall pretty great. I love that there is information on the supplements on each page, and that I can order each ingredient separate and build my own stack. My only complaints would be that apparel is a bit pricey, and stocks seem to be low- for example, sometimes I have not been able to get a supplement in the size I would like, and some of the apparel is just out of stock. I will be recommending this site to friends and family, and intend to continue shopping here.
Zac D.
19/04/2018 MB
Canada Protein
The shop is very reliable my order was delivered with no issues
Lydia S.
I would honesty recommend this site to anyone. The precises are fair and everything to top quality.
John Z.
Fantastic Products and Customer Service
I've been buying supplements exclusively from Canadian Protein for 2 years now. The whey isolate is great quality, very reasonably priced, and delicious! Of all the times I've ordered, I've only had one issue with them - I was sent a mislabeled flavor of whey (plain instead of chocolate). I contacted customer service and my problem was dealt with in less than a week. Love Canadian Protein!
Carol L.
18/04/2018 Toronto, ON
Ken Vaughan
Your product meets my needs.
Ken V.
18/04/2018 303-80 King Edward Ave. London, Ontario N5Z 3S9
Website very easy to navigate and product arrived in record time! Thanks!
Nadia O.
18/04/2018 Ottawa Canada
Canadian Protein - Average rating: 9.6/10 - Number of reviews: 5460