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Number of reviews: 5460 negative 1.2% (64 reviews)

Super accurate and fast service!
Philippe R.
01/07/2017 Sherbrooke
Good fast reliable
Always fast to process and ship
Éric R.
5 star
Quick service
Justin s.
30/06/2017 Ontario
Review process
I just received your products 3 days ago (which is extremely fast, I am impressed with your service there), and would happy to give u a review of them.
However, I'd like to make a suggestion: give the customer at least a week or two before asking for feedback? There is no way I could give a fully-informed and honest review of most supplements in only 3 days! If you do this, you will have fewer reviews that read like: "Well I just got it but it seems fine" with a randomly chosen number of looks a lot more legit to first-time customers too.
Erin W.
30/06/2017 Vancouver
Answer: Hi Erin, thank you so much for the feedback. I will send this to our IT manager.
Great service
I've placed about 3 orders with Canadian Protein now and have had no problems! Super speedy delivery, although my comments to leave the product at the door if unattended haven't been noticed (I've had to pick up an order from a depot despite the note). But that's not Canadian Protein's fault. Only thing I would recommend is to display the flavour associated with customer reviews - it would be helpful to see what flavours people are reviewing!
Lauren M.
30/06/2017 Ontario, Canada
Fantastic online store
Great products, fast shipping, all around awesome.
Michael S.
The best!
Quick delivery and products of quality!
Tiffany T.
30/06/2017 Montreal
Fast delivery, great prices, great variety!
Mike E.
30/06/2017 Toronto
Cheapest protein on the market
With our dollar being the shits, is the best bang for your buck!
Devin B.
30/06/2017 Manitoba
Awesome service pricing and selection
So grateful I was able to find a Vegan BCAA product. There are some form the US. But the exchange and shipping made the cost so crazy I could not order. When my trainer told me about your site I was ecstatic as not only are you a Canadian company (very important to me) but free shipping was also offered! Thank you so much for having options for Vegan competitive bodybuilders!
Chelsea Iyeesha T.
29/06/2017 Langley
rate our shop
The shop is great, Very diligent in keeping me posted on my order thanks.
Edward C.
29/06/2017 West Kelowna
Endurance athlete
Excellent service. Prompt and accurate. No surprises.
Jan K.
29/06/2017 Montreal
Bags, price, shipping time
The best price on the market. Love that everyting come in compact bag, I always order for 99$ to have free shipping and it works well and come fast in the mail. I made multiple orders over 99s and still don't understand what the rewards point should give me!?
Antoine J.
I keep seeing I am collecting points for future purchases but I do not see them or how to redeem :)
Christine C.
28/06/2017 Website
Answer: Hi Christine, you want to make sure you are logged in when you make a purchase :)
O Canada, eh?
Fast (and free) shipping. Great selection. Good products. Hard to beat on price-performance ratio. Canadian.
One star removed because of the typical unsubstantiated claims.
Mathieu B.
28/06/2017 Quebec City
Great products except new & improved economy whey
Great products except new & improved economy whey.
Dominic D.
28/06/2017 Quebec
Good Fast, quick
Kadee M.
28/06/2017 TBA
Fast shipping plus free
Vic T.
28/06/2017 Edmonton
Canadian protein
Great service fast shipping will buy again
Remi H.
28/06/2017 Canada
Dr. Mc
Great Website. Great Product. Amazing delivery of what I need, not to mention how quickly it came.

thanks guys
Rye M.
28/06/2017 Toronto Ontario
Canadian Protein - Average rating: 9.6/10 - Number of reviews: 5460