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Average rating: 9.6/10 neutral 4.2% (227 reviews)
Number of reviews: 5460 negative 1.2% (64 reviews)

Best place to get supps
I've been using CP for over 2 years now and don't see the reason to shop for supps anywhere else. Hands down the best bang for buck!
Peter G.
Best company on the market
I have tried 3 samples of premium whey isolate (chocolate, chocolate-peanut butter, and Canadian maple). Their products are amazing and their prices are unbeatable! I will be ordering more from them!
Daniel R.
11/04/2017 Casselman, Ontario
My brand until I'm 6 feet under
The longer scoops are perfect for the bigger bags. Everything seems so fresh and pure. Canadian protein the one company I trust ! Thanks to everyone there!
angelo m.
11/04/2017 Ottawa ont
Best supplement store ever! Best supplements at the best price! Customer service is amazing!
Louis-Charles T.
11/04/2017 Québec city
Vanilla protein
Speedy delivery right to my door.
Vanessa L.
11/04/2017 Ontario
Top class service
Product in 6 business days, comes in box, no protein spilled, great taste, mixes great. All you need to know.
Sean P.
10/04/2017 Vancouver
Canadian Strong
Canadian Protein and Canada Post = Perfection!
I ordered on a Sunday night and it arrived on the following Wednesday. On that Wednesday, I just finished work, got home and getting ready to go to the gym. But right before i leave my house Canada Post shows up. (perfect timing)..
Johnson A.
10/04/2017 Montreal
Great Shop
Great shop. Excellent prices and wide selection of products.
Would love to see a bigger size available for the Citrulline Malate as I can go through this pretty quickly.
Would also like to be able to get Creatine HCL from you guys here at CP.
John R.
10/04/2017 Pickering, ON
Great Company
Good product, super quick shipping and great service.
Chad B.
10/04/2017 Tobermory, ON
Good stuff!
Fast shipping and good packaging/product
Del C.
10/04/2017 Toronto
J Klyn
The website was easy to use and order from. The prices for products are better than some other Canadian online companies. Also, shipping was very fast!
Janine K.
10/04/2017 Ontario, Canada
Easy to navigate
Simple - friendly user and good concept.
Jonathan L.
09/04/2017 Manitoba
Good service and the shipping is very fast ! The only thing it is would be nice to have a little gift like a shaker bottle or a t-shirt with many order
Jean-Raphael J.
Always delivered quickly and on time. Order is always exact. I don't buy supplements anywhere else.
Virginia M.
09/04/2017 Ottawa
Fast, efficient, and inexpensive
First time buyer with CanadianProtein. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast and free. Products are great.
Mark A.
08/04/2017 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Great store.
It was my third time ordering from this store. Shipping is fast to montreal. Have not had any issues.
Ivan D.
08/04/2017 Montreal Canada
My favourite health and fitness shop!
Unbeatable prices, fast shipping, great customer service, outstanding quality of products. Love the wide range of products and can't wait to see what new things they will offer in the future.
curtis b.
07/04/2017 Hudson, Ontario
great service
placed order and they shipped right away. Package arrived 2 days early.
alexei h.
07/04/2017 Melville, SK
Excellent shop and service
I'm glad i came across your shop on the internet. I first ordered your sample pouches to test a few of your products. I purchased a couple of 10 Kgs bags and i'm happy with i've got. Shipping time was also pretty quick, less than a week between 3-4 days tops i'd say. Overall, i love your store!
Carlos S.
07/04/2017 St. Catharines, ON
Nick P
Have been buying from CanadianProtein for quite some time now, the best value and fastest shipping in all of Canada!
Nick P.
07/04/2017 Ottawa, ON
Canadian Protein - Average rating: 9.6/10 - Number of reviews: 5460