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Number of reviews: 5460 negative 1.2% (64 reviews)

Great products, very fast shipping.
Milan M.
Better looking bags.
Decent... pictures are all the same. It's a clean simple look, but it'd be nicer to see the bag and know right away what flavor is in it.

Spend the money and get more colorful bags... don't raise the price. Your sales will sky rocket; I promise.
Aaron S.
09/02/2017 Nova Scotia
Very Helpful
Very easy to navigate and user friendly!
Richard S.
Good website
Product arrives quickly and website is very good.
Chris R.
09/02/2017 Ottawa
Could use a little improvement
I really like the brand. Overall the site is nice. Fast shipping, and easy checkout.

A few things I'd like to see improved:
a) The quickview is annoying just in concept to me. I'd prefer to just be taken to the product page
b) When you're on, let's say, the protein powder main page, and it just "from $39.99". I find this a little misleading. As with above, it would be nicer to click on "whey concentrate" and just be taken to that page, with all the sizes and prices
c) When you're on a product page, have all the sizes and prices displayed right off the bat. Still keep the dropdown menu for adding to cart, but I'd just like to see all my options right away
d) Don't make me fill out ALL the fields when reviewing an order. I order for multiple people, so I can't always comment on everything. I'd almost rather not review anything at all then
e) Make an N/A rating as well (again, in case you order for others)
John D.
09/02/2017 Vancouver, BC
Answer: Thank you so much for the feedback. I will forward this to our marketing manager.
Stephen R
Easy and simple to use
Stephen R.
09/02/2017 Windsor
High quality products, very happy with my purchase! All of the product's packaging look very professional which comes as a bonus.
Bharat S.
09/02/2017 Sudbury
Have to fill this out
Have to fill this out
Robert J.
Fast and efficient
The site is well organized and easy to use as well as caters to the goals of the individual.
Michael B.
09/02/2017 Toronto
when will you have more creatine hcl?
Daniel B.
09/02/2017 here
The transaction was smooth
Mohammad A.
Best prices, clean packaging, great product
Love the no-bull attitude of the store. It has one purpose, and that's supplements IN BULK. I can respect that clarity of purpose in a business model. And considering protein powder doesn't expire for 2-3 years, you can load up with confidence if you're on a high protein diet. Or you could split an order with friends and family- Do the math. You'll save a TON compared to other retailers, and you get way less of the marketing BS at the same time.
Austin V.
08/02/2017 Ottawa
Best supplier of supplements in Canada!
Always impressed with their service and quality of products. AAA
Jean Guy C.
08/02/2017 Winnipeg
Poor customer service
Ordered 2 bags from Canada protein and the shipping was fast and on time so i was very happy. However, after i took the protein serving, after about a few minutes I suddenly puked it out. I followed again the next day to take another serving and once again puked it out involuntarily. Thinking it was just me I gave some to my brother and dad who both had the same reaction as me. I try a 3rd time soon after with the same result. I contact customer service letting them know of the issue and asking to have the bags swapped with another batch (simple?). They literally just tell me nothing is wrong and stopped responding to my emails. This was by far the worst customer service ive ever experienced. As an owner of a gym I thought i could try this out and share with my clients but after this experience I Will not be ordering from here again.
Habib M.
08/02/2017 Toronto
Answer: Hi Habib, I'm very sorry for the issue you have encountered. I'm not exactly sure what you mean that you had not received a response since we had sent you all of the testing for the product you had purchased to confirm that there is no issues with it and we do not have further communication from you. If did not receive it please do contact us again and we will resend it for you. Also, unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for opened products seen here which is confirmed during the checkout process:
Good selection of proteins and supplements. Some items out off stock for looong time i.e. GPLC.
Jan L.
08/02/2017 Calgary
feels new
site: feels new and clean, easy to find what im loocking for, and you can create your own pre-workout
shipping: order on a Friday and receive it Tuesday :D
marcos e.
08/02/2017 montreal
Awesome service very.responsive. customer service helped solve an issue real quick. Shipping was fast. Will be shop in here again and recommending to others
Karl R.
08/02/2017 Alberta
Fast shipping and low price.
Some of the best prices in Canada and great shipping speed.
Arndell L.
08/02/2017 MTL
Good website
Online store is great
Andrew F.
08/02/2017 Ottawa
Canadian Protein
Awesome company!! Will be ordering from here from now on.
Alison M.
08/02/2017 Sutton On
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