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Money Saved
Great product line. Will be reordering thru the site.
Jon U.
13/08/2018 Vancouver, BC
Amazing, fast service
The service was amazing and the delivery was extremely fast!
Amadeus K.
13/08/2018 Ottawa
G. Roberts
can';t wait for my next order
Geoffrey R.
13/08/2018 Montreal QC
what does title mean?
about a month ago i phoned kristy for more isolate because i was running low (i always do mail order over the phone because i find your website quite annoying) but no one answered, so i left a message, and no one called back, and this went on for about a week--you don't have an 800 number, and i'm on a 19th century phone plan, so all these calls cost me, then one day she was there and i placed my order. i asked for a safe drop because i ride a small motorcycle, and getting that big box home is a pain. she assured me that it would be on my doorstep. well, it wasn't. there, just a message that they'd been by and i wasn't home. there was a "no safe drop" note on the order . form. this is the third time i've had to deal with this. if i could switch to another company that would supply me with this stuff, i would.
rating: lousy.
Chris O.
12/08/2018 who knows? i do mail order
Very intuitive website
Simple and easy navigation of website. Provides a great amount of knowledge on the products ensuring the consumer is buying the right product.
Devon S.
12/08/2018 ON, Canada
Fast and easy.
Mark M.
12/08/2018 Here
Nadia Caira
Have not received items yet?
Nadia C.
12/08/2018 100 Mile
Dog will hunt
Brandon N.
12/08/2018 Online
Very straigth forward shopping experience. Offers great product on a steal price!

Thanks CanadianProtien
john skylark g.
12/08/2018 Vancouver
Great company products and turnaround time
Matt s.
11/08/2018 Ottawa
Great Company
They've switched back to the good zipper bags, apparently! They reached out to tell me this, much appreciated.
Brock H.
11/08/2018 Smiths Falls, ON
Great customer service
Beatriz G.
Easy to navigate website, excellent product information, good service and comparable prices.
Graham B.
11/08/2018 Regina, Sask
Support local
Best prices ANYWHERE
Great value,great service as always
Robert A.
10/08/2018 Windsor ont
Online Purchase
Not very nice customer service. Ended up costing me more than stated due to mess up on the address from their online form. Was forced to pay shipping after having spent 100 purposefully to get free shipping. Customer service wouldn't budge and was not flexible. Likely going to buy elsewhere next.
Orest W.
10/08/2018 Online
First time customer
I normally order my supplements from Natural Stacks and Amazon and I am thrilled to have heard about Canadian Protein from a friend! But so far, there have been 2 big problems. One is I created a large order because on the site it said free shipping for orders over 99$. I thought I would get free shipping for my order because I spent over 99$ --- but that did not happen when I checked out. So that felt like a real bait and switch. And now the supplement that I wanted the most is messed up. I don't really want to go to the trouble of sending it back -- I take ACETYL L-CARNITINE every day. Please let me know what you can do. I would like to be a repeat customer - I can send you a photo of the ACETYL L-CARNITINE and what the package looks like on the inside. You can email me
Veronica D.
10/08/2018 Toronto
Canadian protein
Was the quickest service I ever had. 26hrs and I had the product I purchased in my hands. Great job!
Brendon A.
10/08/2018 Windsor
quick turnaround
Quick turnaround in shipping
Gianna A.
10/08/2018 ottawa
Value, quick delivery.
I buy from Canadian Protein for the value of what you get. Quality and price, quick delivery!
Pierre C.
09/08/2018 Gatineau
Nancy F.
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