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Wholesaling Canadian Protein Products

Do you own a gym, fitness facility, website, retail store, private training studio/gym, personal training business? Do you realize that your clients are the same people that take and consume supplements on a regular basis? Why not offer another service to your clients and help them save time and while increasing your bottom-line as well?

Canadian Protein products are now being wholesaled and distributed to approved retail stores and outlets, gyms, fitness facilities, websites, private training studios and registered personal trainers.

What are the advantages of going through a wholesale distributor and carrying our products?

  • Better margins going direct.
  • We get A LOT of calls, emails, and text messages asking where can customers buy in their local area. Take advantage of the large and growing demand to retail our products.
  • “Where to buy” listing on our website that is viewed by thousands per day creating more business and foot traffic for you.
  • New revenue stream.
  • Extremely easy ordering.
  • Reduce dependence on other brand names for sales.
  • Positions you better in a tight economy.
  • You will not walk into other stores and see the same products that you sell on a shelf with a retail price lower than what you pay your distributor.

What is involved in wholesaling our products?

  1. It is a very simple distribution process...
  2. Create an account:
  3. Contact us and tell us you want to wholesale our products. We then change your account from a customer account to a wholesale account. Prices then change and order value will reflect the price discount.
  4. Place your order and we ship it.
  5. It’s that easy!